Sunday, July 23, 2006

Garden Update: It's Mid-Summer and All Is Well

Despite my late start, and thanks to the hot weather, my garden is coming along unexpectedly well. You can compare this photo with the first one I published here.

The corn and tomatoes are taking off. The beans, lettuce and carrots were planted in a patch of bad soil, so they are not performing as expected. I did, however, get one good batch of beans. (You can see how yellow the beans are in the foreground of this picture.) There had formerly been a tree in that part of the garden, and when the stump was removed, they filled the hole with wood shavings. Wood, as it decomposes, takes nitrogen from the soil. That's why I planted beans there after dousing the area with ammonium nitrate.

I'll retry carrots and lettuce. I think I have time to get in a crop before the weather turns.


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