Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Suddenly Sarah

I’ve always had quite a crush on Sarah Silverman from the first time I saw her on Saturday Night Live. I always thought she was underutilized on that show. I mean, sure, Chris Farley was one sexy dude, but he was never any Sarah Silverman.

Once I married and became a dad, I didn’t have much time left over for frivolous things such as television or taking a shower. Therefore, I sort of lost track of Sarah and every other entertainer on the planet. If it happened after 1989, I knew nothing about it.

Now that my kids are older and have learned to despise their father, I have a lot more time to myself. I saw previews for the new Sarah Silverman Show on Comedy Central, and I was so happy I peed my pants. (Did I mention that I no longer have time for frivolous things such as getting up off the couch to use the bathroom?)

Unfortunately, I don’t think there will be too many episodes of that show for me to drool over. Sarah is still damn funny and she’s got a good cast, but the episode I saw just didn’t have what it takes. And that’s too bad.

Fortunately for Sarah, my judgments aren’t always sound. For example, I thought that the Oakland Raiders would win the Super Bowl this year, and I was absolutely certain that we’d be greeted as liberators in Iraq and then Iran would beg to be invaded. So maybe there’s hope yet.

In any event, I’ll keep tuning in to get my Sarah Silverman fix. I also learned, in my local newspaper, that her Jesus Is Magic is a big hit. That should keep me busy between the time her first show goes off the air until she returns with a new show called simply The Silverman Show, featuring her life as an obstetrician mother married to a lawyer and the crazy misadventures of her kids who just won’t leave the nest.


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