Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Actually, There's Nothing Weird about Me

Sizzle gave me some work to do: list six strange, wacky or weird things about myself.

  1. When I park my truck, I always set the radio station to the same station, turn it to the same volume setting and then turn the radio off before I turn off the engine.
  2. I eat only one item on my dinner plate at a time. When that one item is finished, then I move on to the next. I usually start with the vegetables and end with the main dish.
  3. In the morning, after I shave and brush my teeth, if there is extra time, I will occasionally go back to bed and finish getting ready for work later.
  4. When I leave the office on the last day of the month, I change all the calendars to the next month so that the correct month will be showing at midnight on the 1st.
  5. I look exactly like the guy on the bottle of Tapatio hot sauce--except for the moustache and the hat.
  6. There is always a two-foot stack (sometimes two or three stacks) of books by my bed because I’m always reading something.

Technically, I’m supposed to tag six more, but the buck stops here.

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Blogger LVGurl said...

After I read #5, I immediately went to the spice cabinet to find our Tapatio bottle. So now I know what you look like.

Great reference, by the way!

1:57 PM  
Blogger little miss mel said...

I have taken showers in the morning, then gone back to bed, just cause I could. I hear ya on that one!

9:33 AM  

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