Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Harry Potter and the Revenge in the Hallway

Here’s a mixed bag of stuff from the life of Lefty:

I read the first Harry Potty book. Are you happy? It wasn’t that bad, wasn’t as dull as I remembered. Some parts were even mildly amusing. I may read the second one.

And, for the record, there was absolutely no dampness in my eyes the entire time, not even the kind caused by flying popcorn.


I haven’t dropped my toast--or my bread--lately, and I’ve been pretty proud of myself. But this morning, I filled my coffee filter in the office kitchen. I started back to my office and closed the kitchen door behind me. Except, as you must know already, I let the filter slip out of my hand, and every last grain of coffee spilled on the floor.


My poor toe. In our bedroom, the bathroom is down a short hallway. Of course, we use the hallway for storing all sorts of things, most of which are hazardous in the middle of the night when you have just gotten up to go to the bathroom.

I headed back to bed a couple of nights ago, and my foot slammed right into something hard. It was, of course, the new Harry Potty book.

I thought I heard a voice. “Ha! Got you, you damn Muggle.”

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Blogger little miss mel said...

I still have no ummph to read those books, but I am a Nicholas Sparks fan. I need help.

2:20 PM  
Blogger Lefty said...

mel--Mrs. Lefty thinks Sparks is great, too. I've never read his stuff.

4:19 PM  
Anonymous brandy said...

Ahh I love this. Not only are you slowly succumbing to the forces of Harry Potter, you are incorporating the language. A few more books and you will be dressed up in your school robes and learning how to play quidditch.

4:21 PM  
Blogger Sizzle said...

i'm a klutz. these things sound like daily happenings in my life.

though i am still resisting the potter books. i'm stubborn!

5:01 PM  
Blogger Buffy said...

I really don't know what to think about Sparks. He's clearly doing something right...I'm just not sure what it is.

It's probably because he's hot and male and into martial arts.

I mean, who wouldn't buy that.

5:48 PM  
Anonymous g-dog said...

I suspect you have a house elf! I'm just sayin'....

6:56 PM  
Blogger Bre said...

Keep reading! the crying comes later!

9:36 PM  
Blogger SWF42 said...

I've read one Sparks book. I think it was "The Notebook."

He's too maudlin for me.

I wondered what happened to Peeves, now I know. He's living in your house! *lol*

6:12 AM  
Blogger Lefty said...

brandy--I am NOT succumbing to the forces of Harry Potty, slowly or otherwise.

siz--hang tough! Do it for all of us.

buff--well, that wouldn't be particularly attractive to me.

g-dog--you're not making this any easier!

bre--I haven't yet decided whether or not I'll read #2. I guess it depends how bored I get during my vacation.

swf--I SO didn't get that.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous xboxgirl said...

I feel your pain, having somehow got watermelon skin jammed in my toe-nail-bed [might sound impossible but it happened twice, in the same toe] a few weeks ago.

10:01 PM  
Blogger Tink said...

The books don't start getting good until the fourth one in. But if you think the fourth one sucks, I'm going to lie and say it doesn't start getting good until the fifth. If you don't like the seventh though, there's no saving you.

7:09 PM  

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